Dog Training Tips For Crate Training

Crate training can be an effective tool to help dogs learn to live inside a home. One of the first things a dog must learn is to become housebroken and use the restroom in the right places. However, this is not the only benefit of crate training. It can also be used to provide a place that is closer to a natural den environment that dogs are used to and provides a place for the dogs which is away from problem areas like wires or fragile items.

To apply crate training properly, it is important to get a crate that is slightly bigger than the dog where he or she would be able to turn around. However, it should not be too big where the dog could go to the restroom on part of it and still lie down on the other part. Part of the benefit of the crate for housebreaking purposes is the belief that dogs won't lie down in their own mess.

Aside from setting up the crate, it is important to portion off the home early on to where you can always see what the dog is doing. When the dog uses the restroom inappropriately, it is important to respond immediately by stopping the dog and taking him or her outside to finish her business. This can be done by using a simple toy or sound made to startle the dog. It is also important to praise the dog when he or she uses the restroom properly as this will provide some positive reinforcement for the dog.

By balancing some negative reinforcement for when the dog acts inappropriately with positive reinforcement for when the dog does it properly, you can help train you dog to more appropriate outcomes. Pet owners will also like that using a crate makes it easier to clean up after the pet as shedding is contained more and the crate can be moved to another room or used when traveling when the situation arises.

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