What Are the Different Types of Dog Training?

Dog training can take many different forms however two of the most common forms are obedience training and crate training. The goal of these forms of training is to address underlying behaviors in the dog to encourage them to do more of the behaviors the owners want and less of the behaviors the owners don't want. Common areas of dog training will key on housebreaking, responsiveness to commands, barking, socialization, and more. The goal through any dog training is to develop the dog in such a way that they respond to the master and still have high self esteem.

The two methods used regardless of the underlying dog training type will always be positive and negative reinforcement. The goals of these two methods are too encourage a certain type of behavior with positive reinforcement or discourage a certain type of behavior with negative reinforcement. By combining the two methods, you can also develop a synergistic effect where you are able to replace bad behaviors with good ones and even have the opportunity to build on prior training to achieve more advanced training.

Another key aspect that is important to understand regardless of which form or method of dog training is used is the importance of consistency in application. Dog owners must train their dogs over and over again each day to get the best results otherwise they risk the dog being unable to appreciate the purpose of the training. However, by doing it daily, the dog can recognize what is considered bad behavior and stop doing it or continue to do the good behavior. After some time, the need for daily training can be decreased and only needs the occasional refresher training. Of course, many dog owners will also build on their existing training to develop further skills in their dogs too.

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